Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril by Paul Malmont

"What's real? What's Pulp?" is the heated debate started by ambitious young writer L.Ron Hubbard one evening at Greenwich Village's White Horse Tavern between the genre's rival icons Walter Gibson(The Shadow) and Lester Dent(Doc Savage). And very soon after they are all embroiled in a mystery that cleverly uses this theme by mixing real details from the authors' lives with bold Pulp story devices. There are many rich details not only of the writers' lives and the publishing business but of the of the era in general; including cameos by a young Orson Wells, Blackstone the Magician, as well as other Pulp writers - even a bit of contemporary Chinese History. Oh, and of course the mystery wouldn't be complete without some unusual events regarding H.P. Lovecraft's death and a surprising enigmatic stranger. A great tribute to the genre written by Paul Malmont.

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