Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, by Christopher Moore

I believe I have found my favorite Christopher Moore book. Having read most of his work by now, and finally getting to Lamb, I think I have reached the book I'll read a few times, and always think of as "the one." I’ll still have to check out one or two more, but Lamb is so funny and so wise, so full of love and snark, plus speaks to me so personally that I doubt Moore can outdo this.

It’s a terrific book and definitely one of his best by any standard. Charming, witty, with that natural inner goodness and love of people found in all of his work, Moore’s Joshua is first of all a man in his time -- sort of. History blended with nonsense blended with Biblical fun creates a memorable, very real Jesus in Josh. Goodness shining through humanity is done in a way that I simply have not seen in all those inspirational Jesus books, Moore’s Joshua is a truly human Son of God.

Biff is the ultimate sidekick -- a warrior cynic who truly loves his friend. Moore delights in human relationships and the humor it entails to love and trust one another, in Lamb he creates the true buddy.

If you have never read Christopher Moore before, this is a great start. If you ever wanted to know more about Jesus, and can't handle reading those Bible not the best start, but a fun one.

Either way if you want to smile aplenty and think a lot, read this book.

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