Monday, May 23, 2011

Honorable Mention

Special shout out and thank you to author Paul Malmont for mentioning us in a blog post on April 22, "Borders Booksellers Won't Go Down Without Fight." Evidently his google search picked up on Madmohawk's review of his book, and he shared this sweet sentiment:

Sometimes, in our big-box-store era, you forget that sometimes the people who work there actually care about what they’re doing. My Google alert found this post about my first book on a site called Booksellers in Exile, described as a blog started by former Borders employees meant to be a home for people who love books, music and movies.

I appreciate that anyone is still taking the time to talk about my book, and Borders has always been very good to me. But it’s more important to point out that booksellers, be it at a chain, or at your local independent, really do care about books. They’re passionate enough about them to keep trying to help you decide what to read even after their store has disappeared around them. Take advantage of that commitment—before they’re extinct.

Thanks again Paul. We appreciate your appreciation!

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